Project goals

Project ДН16/11 from 20.12.2017 г., financed by National Science Fund-Ministry of Education and Science, titled “Thermal properties of soils at different land use and melioration”. Duration 2018-2020

Thermal properties of soils are important factor for energy exchange in soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, climate formation, and functions of soils. They depend on water and air content in soil pores, presence of organic matter and chemical composition of solids and consequently are influenced by changes of these factors.

The project aims to extend the knowledge on heat conductivity, heat capacity and thermal diffusivity of soils with different physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics formed under conditions of different land use, anthropogenic loading, hydrological regimes and melioration practices. The studied factors influence soil solid characteristics, soil porous system and capacity to retain water. The complex data set which will be received will help for better understanding the influence and interaction of different soil characteristics on soil thermal properties under different natural and anthropogenic impacts.